The Importance of Quality Control

Mar 14, 2023
The importance of Quality Control in window installation

Many construction companies tout quality, but few inspect their work after completion. As one of the few window companies that have all employee installers, HEGG Windows & Doors has always prided itself on first-class installation services. But how can we guarantee that our work is the best that it can be? Our Quality Control Specialist is there to make sure that all our installations are top-notch, no matter how big or small the project may be.

So, what does a Quality Control Specialist do? A couple of days after the installation concludes, the customer will receive a phone call to schedule a Quality Control walk-through. Our Quality Control Specialist visits every single job after the installation to make sure that things were installed correctly and to identify any potential service items. This individual has a checklist to review for each installation, ensuring that our employees are following best practices no matter what job they are on that day. In addition to inspecting each item that was installed, the Quality Control Specialist reviews the product with the homeowner to make sure all questions are answered and that the homeowner knows how to properly operate their new windows or doors. At the conclusion of the walk-through, the Quality Control Specialist provides the customer with the warranty paperwork for the project.

Countless home improvement companies advertise their focus on customer satisfaction and quality, but at HEGG we wanted these elements to be part of our DNA.  Is a Quality Control Specialist a necessity for most home improvement companies? Probably not. But for HEGG, it exemplifies our commitment to excellence in everything that we do. We want to take care of our customers from the day they first contact us to after their products are installed, and our Quality Control Specialist ensures that nothing gets lost in the installation process. We believe it adds tremendous value to the customer experience, and it is an important element of a successful project.

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