Gorgeous double-hung windows on a home with stone siding.Double-Hung Windows Are a Timeless Style for Any Columbus, OH, Home

When most people imagine a window in their mind, they probably think of something like a double-hung window: rectangular, with two sashes, and maybe a simple grille. And when it comes to home design, why mess with a classic? At Hegg Windows & Doors, we offer double-hung windows made from several frame materials that will look fantastic on your Columbus, Ohio-area home. Plus, with decades of experience, you can trust us with the installation, too.

Why You’ll Love Double-Hung Windows

You might be wondering why double-hung windows have remained popular for so many years. It comes down to a few key design choices that help make double-hung windows stand out in a sea of window styles. These include:

Easy Cleaning

Both sashes of a double-hung window can tilt inwards. That means you can clean the outside of your windows without ever stepping foot out of your house, making them extremely popular, especially on the second story or higher.

Breeze Control

Since both sashes of a double-hung window can be opened, they can provide just the right amount of airflow, depending on your preference.

Classic Styling

While there’s nothing groundbreaking about the styling of double-hung windows, they’re still a classic for a reason. Their versatile appearance can suit almost any design scheme.

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At Hegg Windows & Doors, we offer a wide variety of double-hung windows, including wood, vinyl, and fiberglass, so you can find an option that works for your needs. To find out more, contact us today and schedule a consultation for your home in the Columbus, OH, area.

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