Fiberglass Windows New Albany OHStylish Fiberglass Windows for Homes in New Albany, OH

Homeowners these days are spoiled for choice when it comes to replacement windows. There are dozens of styles, designs, and materials available so that you can fine-tune your selection. One of the best options is a more contemporary choice: fiberglass windows. At Hegg Windows & Doors, our fiberglass windows, manufactured by powerhouse Marvin Windows, are an attractive and functional choice for New Albany, OH, homes.

Why Fiberglass?

If there’s one word to describe fiberglass windows, it’s “gorgeous.” Fiberglass boasts an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, which means that fiberglass window frames can be made smaller and thinner than many other frame types. In fact, the Marvin frames that we utilize are up to eight times stronger than vinyl and three times stronger than wood and wood composites. That translates to cleaner lines, narrower frame profiles, and more expansive views than other frame materials.

Fiberglass also has very similar thermal expansion properties to glass. Simply put, that means that your window frames will expand and contract at the same rate as your windows, which isn’t very much. That makes fiberglass windows better able to stand up to common environmental stressors without cracking or warping.

All the Styles You Love

Fiberglass windows are available in almost all the styles and shapes that are commonly found in windows. These styles include:

  • Single-hung
  • Double-hung
  • Awning
  • Casement
  • Glider/sliding
  • Picture
  • Architectural and specialty shape

Window Installation Expertise

If your home in New Albany is a perfect fit for fiberglass windows, turn to Hegg Windows & Doors. We’ve been helping homeowners throughout Ohio since 1993 and we’ll use nearly three decades of experience to ensure you’ll love your new windows. To find out more about our fiberglass windows and installation, contact Hegg Windows & Doors today to speak with a window expert.

“Couldn't be a more professional company. They came into my home, were very friendly, informative and approachable, gave me actually the lowest bid by far, and then gave me double what other window companies had promised.”

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