Modern sliding windows on an updated Tudor-style home.Let In Some Fresh Air With Slider Windows at Your Columbus, OH, Home

While it’s hard to beat the basic shape of a rectangular window, there is one aspect of the single- and double-hung window design that some find burdensome: vertical sashes. Opening and closing these windows can sometimes be a chore, and their grilles can sometimes obscure views. The solution? Slider windows, of course! They take the basic window design and flip it sideways, with sashes that open horizontally and obstruct less of the view. If that sounds like a design you can get behind for the replacement window project at your Columbus, Ohio, home, turn to Hegg Windows & Doors.

Why Choose a Sliding Window?

There are several key benefits to sliding windows that make them a smart choice for your home. Some of these advantages include:

Easy Operation

Sliding windows are easier to operate than many window styles, making them a natural fit for awkward locations, like behind the kitchen sink.

Beautiful Views

Compared to traditional single- and double-hung windows, slider windows typically have glass that is less obstructed, creating more expansive views.

Great Ventilation

Sliding windows provide great airflow, with many options able to open from either side, making them great for any room that gets a breeze.

Find Out More From the Local Window Experts

At Hegg Windows & Doors, we’ve been the go-to window team in the Columbus, OH, area for decades, so if you have any questions about sliding windows, or other window styles, our experts can help.

To find out more about our sliding windows, or the benefits they offer, contact Hegg Windows & Doors today. Or, schedule a consultation with our team at your home and begin designing your replacement windows.

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