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Window Glass Types

From style to color to material, the options available for replacement windows are seemingly endless, which can easily become overwhelming for customers looking to begin their project. One choice to make is the type of glass to use in a replacement window, a decision that can have a huge impact on the overall success of the project. Wading through the information on the number of panes, types of insulating gasses, and reflective coatings can be time-consuming, but luckily for consumers in Columbus, Ohio, HEGG Windows & Doors can help you find the perfect solution for your replacement project.

Double vs. Triple Paned

One of the first questions people shopping for replacement windows ask is the benefit of getting triple-paned versus double-paned windows. A double-paned window has 2 pieces of glass, while a triple-paned window has 3. Double-paned windows are the industry standard because they meet most customers’ needs. Triple paned windows can increase overall energy efficiency and noise reduction; however, the higher cost of triple-paned windows may offset the other benefits.

Low E Coatings

Another confusing element of replacement window glass packages is the kinds of low e coatings available. Low e refers to low emissivity, and this is a microscopic layer of material that coats the glass and tints it just slightly. This low e coating helps insulate your home by reflecting out sunlight, and there are different options available as to how many layers of low e are on your replacement window glass. The typical standard is two coatings of low e, but for areas of your home that are prone to intense sunlight perhaps upgrading to a third or even a fourth coating of low e could be beneficial.  

Gas Insulation

Many customers wonder what is in between the two panes of glass on their replacement window, and the answer is typically argon gas. Argon gas is heavier than regular air, which helps slow the transfer of heat and coolness through your windows. Some window brands offer the option of krypton gas in between the panes, and krypton can be a better option for insulating your windows. However, windows containing krypton gas are costlier, so it is important to weigh the pros and cons before making your decision on replacement windows.

How HEGG Can Help

For customers in and around Columbus, Ohio, HEGG Windows & Doors is the perfect choice for a replacement window dealer. We have years of experience helping customers find the perfect solution for their window and door projects, and we pride ourselves on our high level of service and customer satisfaction. Our knowledgeable team members can help answer all your questions about replacement window glass, as well as any other questions you may have throughout the replacement project.

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