Let the Outside in at Any Time in Your Columbus, OH, Home with Awning Windows

It’s important to select replacement windows that are attractive and functional. And if ventilation is what you’re after, awning windows are a great choice for your home. Awning windows are a type of cranked window that is hinged along the top, so that when they’re opened, they create an awning cover over the window sill, making it ideal for use in the rain. When you go with awning windows, you can enjoy ease of use, convenience, and increased ventilation at any time, regardless of the weather.Awning Windows Columbus

If you’re a homeowner in Columbus, OH, you can turn to a local company — Hegg Windows & Doors — for all of your replacement window needs, including awning windows. We’ve been helping local residents with the highest-quality replacement windows and installations for over 25 years.

Beat the Heat and the Rain with Awning Windows

The best feature of awning windows is in the name: the awning they create. It’s a fact that one of the best times to open your windows is when it’s raining, because the air is usually cooler and there’s often increased airflow. Unfortunately, opening traditional windows in the rain often results in a soggy interior. Not with awning windows, though. And, because they are usually a slightly smaller size, awning windows can be placed higher on the wall but still operated conveniently with a twist of the crank. This means awning windows can maximize fresh air intake by being higher up.

And when you hire a reputable window replacement company, like Hegg Windows & Doors, you can rest easy knowing that your new awning windows will be custom-made for your home, in styles that you choose. We’ll expertly measure your window openings and have windows manufactured to your home’s precise specifications. This means your replacement windows will be a perfect fit and maximize your home’s energy efficiency.

Make Your Columbus, OH, Home It’s Best with Hegg Windows & Doors

If you’re interested in maximizing your home’s airflow with awning windows, you can put your faith in Hegg Windows & Doors. To find out about any of our window services or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.

“Couldn't be a more professional company. They came into my home, were very friendly, informative and approachable, gave me actually the lowest bid by far, and then gave me double what other window companies had promised.”

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