Create the Perfect Gateway to the Outdoor Area of Your Columbus Home with French Patio Doors

French Patio Doors Columbus OHFrench patio doors can truly transform the entryway that leads to your outdoor area. They let in copious amounts of natural light, which is great for making a room look larger than it is and can help you conserve energy by not having to keep lights on during the day. Plus, French patio doors have a certain elegance and visual appeal that simply can’t be achieved with sliding glass doors.

Offering French Patio Doors to Columbus Homeowners

French doors are all about the glass. One of the drawbacks of older French patio doors is that large areas of glass made for doors that were not the most energy efficient. Modern French doors solve that problem in several ways. First, current glazing techniques and treatments help make windows more energy efficient. There are also options, like patio doors with multi-paned glass, to make the windows of French doors as efficient as possible. Second, new designs stay seated within the doorframe better throughout their lifespan. In fact, some patio door options even meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® guidelines.

Additionally, modern French patio doors are not restricted to traditional wooden frames. While wooden doors look great, they can be prone to expansion and contraction from humidity and temperature. Modern door materials, like vinyl and fiberglass, are less prone to weather-based damage and will retain their strength and rigidity regardless of the humidity.

Another great feature of doors framed with modern materials is that their finishes and colors can last a very long time. With a new patio door made of vinyl or fiberglass, you’ll never have to sand, restain, or repaint. These materials are also very easy to clean.

Take Comfort in Our Lifetime Warranty

Every set of French patio doors that we sell is backed by an ironclad lifetime warranty. This warranty covers both the materials we use and the work we perform during the installation. That means you can have complete peace of mind in your home investment.

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If you are ready to enhance your home with French patio doors, the only name you need to know is Hegg Windows & Doors. We have the experience and dedication necessary to get the job done right, just as we have done for countless homeowners in the Columbus area. Our team of experts completes every installation with unmatched precision, ensuring a perfect fit and an airtight seal for your new doors.

The first step to having new French patio doors installed at your home is to contact Hegg Windows & Doors. We would be happy to provide you with a free consultation and an accurate price quote at your Columbus-area home. And, financing options are available to help make your purchase more affordable.

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