Window Maintenance Tips

Oct 05, 2023


New windows can have a huge impact on your home, both in energy efficiency and in general aesthetics. And while window replacement can be a big undertaking, the benefit is that most windows and doors are made to last for many years. But how can you ensure that your windows continue to function properly throughout the seasons? Regular maintenance can make all the difference. Cleaning and checking your windows regularly can keep things operating smoothly and provides the opportunity to identify any issues before they can grow into larger problems.

Here at HEGG, we recommend doing regular maintenance on your windows at least once a year, typically around when the seasons change. But what does window maintenance entail? Below we included a list of items to review, and as always, we are here to help if you have any questions.

Window Maintenance Checklist

  • Clean the window track of dirt and debris that may have accumulated throughout the year
  • Ensure weep holes are clean and unobstructed (if necessary)
  • Inspect caulking around the windows and fill in as needed
  • Check weatherstripping and ensure that everything remains securely attached
  • Check all hardware and tighten screws when needed
  • Open and close each window to check for smooth operation

Choosing to work with HEGG Windows & Doors means that you will get superior products as well as a top-quality installation. But as with anything, regular maintenance can help prolong the life of your windows and keep things working smoothly for years. The checklist above can help you identify the best ways to maintain your windows, and if you have any questions our office is always here to help at 614-761-0890.

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