Choosing a Front Door for Your Home

Apr 04, 2024

Does your home need a refresh? A new front door could be the perfect solution. Entry doors act as a focal point and have a huge impact on the curb appeal of your Columbus, Ohio home. Whether you are looking for a traditional entryway or hoping to add a pop of color, a new front door can accomplish your goals. But how do you choose an entry door? With so many options, it can feel overwhelming, but here at HEGG, we work with our customers to find the perfect solution for their needs. Below we discuss the steps for choosing an entry door, but as always, you can call us at 614-761-0890 to set up an appointment to meet with a consultant one-on-one. Want to explore entry door styles on your own first? Click here to visit our partner Provia’s Entry Door Visualizer Tool.

Choose your Front Door Material

Entry doors come in several different materials, so it is important to find the one that best suits your needs. Traditionally, homeowners have turned to wood for entry doors, but as more energy-efficient options have arrived, fewer manufacturers offer real wood doors. Many homeowners are turning to fiberglass or steel for an entry door that is attractive but can withstand weather and repeated use over time.

Fiberglass doors often have the look of wood but can come in smooth, solid colors as well. Fiberglass is a wonderful material for humid climates as this material does not warp, chip, or crack, making it an ideal low-maintenance, long-term solution.

Steel is another great option for an entry door’s material. Steel is low maintenance and durable, offering superior strength and security coupled with beauty. Steel doors often have a smooth appearance, but they can resemble wood grain as well if desired.

Choose your Style

Both steel and fiberglass entry doors come in a variety of styles, so it is important to consider the look you want to achieve with your entryway. Are you hoping for a modern look to complement the style of your home? Or do you think a classic style would be a better fit? Do you have a single-entry door but dream of a double-entry door? Or are you shopping for a door with sidelites and a transom? There are seemingly endless options for styles, so it is important to take your time and consider the various choices before making your selection.

Choose your Glass

Does your selected door style have glass? If so, it is now time to choose the style of glass you want for your new front door. Clear glass is always an option, but many customers want glass that offers a greater degree of privacy. Privacy glass can be anything from a subtle tint to full obscurity and finding the right balance of light and privacy is the key to finding a door you will love.

If you want a more decorative option as opposed to clear or privacy glass, many manufacturers offer glass options with various details, colors, and styles. These options offer varying levels of obscurity as well, so you won’t have to sacrifice privacy for a more decorative look.

Choose your Front Door Color

Now it’s time to choose the color for your new front door.  If your selected door has a wood look, you can choose from a variety of stain colors and wood grains to find your ideal combination. Wood-grained doors can also have a painted look if you prefer that over a traditional stained door. Smooth doors have a myriad of colors to choose from, and you can even do a different color on the exterior and interior of the door to further customize it. Whether you are looking for a pop of color or a neutral appearance, the color of your door can have a huge impact.

Columbus, Ohio’s Leading Entry Door Provider

Choosing a front door may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. The team at HEGG will work closely with you throughout the process so you can find a door that fits your needs and the style of your home. Our team will meet with you and virtually build your new entry door so you can envision it in your home.  Ready to schedule an appointment? Give us a call at 614-761-0890 or click here to request an appointment.