Ohio’s Only Marvin Certified Installing Retailer

Nov 09, 2022

Having great partners is essential in business, and it is even more so when you are working directly with customers. At HEGG Windows & Doors, we have years of experience in the home improvement industry, so we knew we needed to find partners that would offer high-end products with superior warranties that would align with our focus on top-tier customer service. For years, we have been a proud partner of Marvin Windows and Doors, and we are excited to be Marvin’s only Certified Installing Retailer in Ohio.

In business for over 100 years, Marvin Windows and Doors is one of the largest window manufacturers in the world, and they specialize in aluminum, fiberglass, and wood windows and doors. Marvin has several lines of high-quality products, including its Signature, Elevate, and Essential lines of products, all 3 of which HEGG is proud to provide to its customers. However, rather than go directly to the customers, Marvin carefully chooses local dealers who can provide and install Marvin products for consumers while offering an elevated replacement experience. Marvin has long taken great pride in its local partnerships, and recently it decided to take it a step further by designating Certified Installing Retailers in local markets. A Certified Installing Retailer is not simply a Marvin dealer; it is a dealer that has vast expertise and knowledge with Marvin products and can help a homeowner choose the best product for his/her home. HEGG’s years of experience and focus on service made us a perfect choice for Marvin’s Certified Installing Retailer program.

So what does HEGG being a Certified Installing Retailer mean for homeowners? It means we have a partnership with a company known worldwide for its quality and customer service. It means that not only does HEGG hold itself to high standards, but Marvin also holds HEGG to high standards as well. It means that HEGG can provide an industry-leading product with outstanding customer service. HEGG Windows & Doors is extremely proud to be the only Marvin Certified Installing Retailer in Ohio, and we do not take this designation lightly. We will continue to work with our customers to find solutions that are right for them, and we will maintain our dedication to offering the best experience possible in the replacement window industry.  

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