Cleaning Your Windows & Doors

Aug 07, 2023
Elevate Double Hung Window- cleaning your windows

Replacing your windows and doors can give your home a brand-new look, but keeping those new products clean can feel overwhelming. With so many window and door materials and a variety of cleaning products available, figuring out how to clean your windows and doors can feel like a challenge. But the team at HEGG is here to help. Below, we compiled some cleaning tips so that your windows and doors can stay sparkling for years to come. Have more questions? Our office staff is always happy to help. Give us a call at 614-761-0890.

Cleaning Glass

Glass usually makes up the majority of window and door space, so it typically requires regular cleaning to keep things steak free and spotless. It is important not to use harsh chemicals to clean the glass, as this could potentially cause damage. Here at HEGG, we recommend using ammonia-free products, such as Ammonia Free Windex. Our manufacturing partner Marvin Windows & Doors also has a list of approved cleaners here for reference.  If you prefer using a more natural cleaning product, you can also use a diluted mixture of vinegar and water to clean the glass.

Cleaning Wood

If your windows and doors feature a wood interior, it is important to consider the cleaning products you use so you can make sure the wood is taken care of. Diluted mixtures of alcohol and water can effectively clean your windows and doors, but it is critical to make sure that all cleaning residue is rinsed off the wood. Leaving a cleaning product on the wood long-term could damage the finish or the wood itself.

Cleaning Vinyl, Fiberglass & Steel

If you have vinyl or fiberglass windows or an entry door made of steel or fiberglass, cleaning is best with mild soap and water. This will wash away any dirt and debris without any damage. Make sure not to use any abrasive cleaners or tools, as these may cause scratches that could harm the finish of the window or door. After cleaning, rinse all product residue off the window or door so you are left with a fresh and clean look.

Helpful Tools to Use

While using paper towels and cleaning spray to clean your windows and doors will work, a microfiber cloth does an excellent job trapping dirt and debris while cleaning. A toothbrush can also be a great tool to get dirt out of window/door tracks and small crevices. When selecting tools, do not use anything with a sharp edge as this could create scratches that would not be covered by warranty.

At HEGG Windows & Doors, we provide industry-leading products backed by top-quality installations, and we want your windows and doors to stay clean and fresh for years to come. If you have more questions about cleaning your new windows and doors, we are always here to help. Or if you are looking to get a quote for your replacement project, you can give us a call at 614-761-0890 or request an appointment here.