Introducing The HEGG Blog

Jun 26, 2019

Hi! We’re Dave and Justin, the owners of HEGG Windows & Doors. As small business owners, we always seem to be strapped for time, but we wanted to find a way to better communicate with our customers. So here it is, the HEGG Blog! As we add to this blog, keep an eye out for helpful tricks, customer stories and insight into the employees who make HEGG Windows & Doors what it is.

HEGG Windows & Doors exists not because there were not enough window companies in Central Ohio but because we wanted to be different. Not different in terms of product. Not different in terms of technique. Different in everything that we do. We didn’t know many people who were excited to buy windows and doors for their home. In fact, most dreaded the process. More than once, window salespeople have been referred to as a “used car salesperson”, only this time the individual is inside your own home. The home improvement industry is rife with lots of high-pressure sales tactics, with individuals caring more about getting a sale than forming a relationship. People have learned to distrust window and door companies, but we knew we could be different.


As some of you already know, HEGG Windows & Doors is actually an evolution of Hegg Bros Contracting, an installation company going back to 1993. Justin’s father Tim and uncle Randy were the faces behind Hegg Bros and installed windows and doors throughout Columbus for three decades. They prided themselves on strong customer relationships and the highest quality installations possible, and as such Justin adopted this mindset as he entered the home improvement industry himself. As Randy and Tim were approaching retirement, Justin and I saw an opportunity to reinvent Hegg Bros Contracting as HEGG Windows & Doors. With this, we decided not just to focus on installation but on selling products as well so we could offer the best customer experience from start to finish.


Because our roots are on the operation side of the business, quality installations are a fundamental part of the process for both Justin and me. Many home improvement organizations are sales and marketing focused with little to no emphasis on the installation, but we needed to be different. We knew that the product would not matter if it was installed incorrectly, and so we made it our mission to recruit and hire the best installers on the market. Contrary to many other window companies, our installers are 100% employees. We do not have sub-contractors. We do this because it ensures that we have qualified, experienced individuals coming into your home to complete the job. An installation makes or breaks the project, so it is crucial that you have the best people there doing the job.


Once we felt we had a plan for high quality installations, we turned to the question of what product lines we would sell. We felt that offering one or two products would not show the breadth of availabilities in the market and could potentially make customers feel like we were pushing a single product on them. As such, we decided to offer a variety of lines so we can give customers several options to choose from depending on their situation. Do you want a Marvin wood patio door? We’ve got it. Looking for vinyl windows? Provia windows have you covered. Had your heart set on Pella? We can get that too.  We believe there are various quality options on the market, and the right choice depends on your preferences and your home. We want to show you several lines and compare the pros and cons with you so you can feel better educated and make the best decision for you and your home. We believe it is our job to provide the various options and let the customers decide.


Having highly qualified, employee installers and offering a variety of product options are two aspects of HEGG that we are very proud of; however, the relationships that we form with our customers (regardless if they buy or not) is truly what we want to hang our hat on. We understand that most people buy windows and doors once or twice in their lifetime. This is not a common purchase and it often comes with a great deal of trepidation on the part of the consumer. Aside from your family, your home is one of the most important things in your life, and so we want to learn more about you and your family and what makes your house a home so we can best fit your needs. Have questions after an appointment? Call us. Text us. Email us. There is no such thing as a dumb question. That is what we are here for. We want to hear your concerns and find out how to best alleviate them. Better yet, we love hearing about dogs and kids so make sure you keep us updated on that as well!


When we reinvented HEGG Windows & Doors, we knew we could be different and offer a better experience for consumers. Whether that is through the installation, product options or customer relationships, we are hopeful that we are achieving that goal. We look forward to more interactions with our customers and welcome any feedback on this post and requests for future topics to include. As always, call us at 614-761-0890 or email me at with any questions or comments.

Thanks for reading, and make sure to check back for future posts!