Navigating Home and Garden Shows

Feb 15, 2022
Booth from a recent home and garden show

While the world is not entirely back to normal, we are slowly seeing a return to typical activities and events, and one of the hallmarks of the home improvement industry is home and garden shows. If you have lived in Columbus, Ohio for a while, you may have seen advertisements for a variety of home shows, with the majority hitting within the first few months of the year. While Covid saw the cancellation of these events, they are now slowly returning, and HEGG is excited to partake in the Columbus Dispatch Spring Home and Garden Show this month. But while going to the home shows can be a fun way to spend your day, how can you maximize your time if you are trying to plan for an upcoming home improvement project? As veterans of the home show circuit, we have outlined a couple of pointers for you to use in order to make the most of your home show visit.

Research the Show Information

Knowing the hours of the show is key to deciding when you want to make your trip. Many people arrive at the opening, meaning home show vendors may be busy and unable to talk to you at great lengths about your project. Crowds tend to thin out throughout the day, so coming midday or later in the show may be more beneficial depending on how many questions you would like to discuss. Parking and entrance fees vary depending on the show, so finding out that information prior to arrival will help your visit start off on the right foot.

Review the Vendor List Prior to Arriving

Most home and garden shows provide lists of the participating vendors on their websites, and this is a great way for you to see who is going to be available so you can plan your trip accordingly. Are you considering a certain project and want to know if there will be a vendor that offers that service? Check the exhibitor list to find out. Once you have identified the vendors that you definitely want to visit, you can plan out your trip to ensure that you hit everyone on your list.

Prepare a List of Questions

Home improvement projects can feel overwhelming, so it is important to identify what you want/need to know regarding your project. Mentally preparing a list of questions to ask vendors can be helpful so that when you arrive at the show you can maximize your time spent at each booth. This will also allow you to ask vendors the same questions so you can more easily compare one exhibitor to another. Keep in mind though, many home improvement contractors have office or marketing personnel at the shows so they may be able to answer general product and company questions but not questions specific to your project or regarding pricing. More specific questions (including questions about pricing for your project) may require you to schedule an appointment; however, most vendors can schedule that appointment for you right at the home show.

Ready to Attend?

Now that you have your plan of action, it is time to visit us at the show! The Columbus Dispatch Spring Home and Garden Show is February 19-27, 2022, at the Ohio Expo Center. You can find information about hours, parking details, exhibitor lists, and more here. Our HEGG booth is located across from the main stage in booths 531, 533, 535, and 537. Make sure you say hi to our team members when you are at the show, we love visits from our customers!

Looking to schedule an appointment? You don’t have to wait until the show, click here to contact us to set up a time to discuss your project.