The HEGG Difference

Nov 16, 2021

The window industry is unique in that you can go from company to company and while the immediate surroundings and people may change, the day-to-day tactics and mindset are often the same. Many window companies (and many home improvement contractors in general) focus on generating new sales appointments and selling those appointments. This means a 60–90 minute sales presentation with all decision-makers present and a full 10 part sales presentation. To the point where essentially you have to buy or throw the salesperson out the door. Companies view each appointment as an opportunity to earn money, not as the chance to offer a solution to customers in need of help for their homes. Little to no attention is put on the operations side of the business, so the installation is typically subcontracted out and the customer doesn’t hear from the salesperson after the sale. Sometimes the entire process goes smoothly, sometimes it does not. Not everyone in the industry is like this, but a lot of companies are. Frankly, it gives the industry a bad rap and makes many customers nervous to deal with contractors in general.

When we started HEGG Windows & Doors, we wanted to be different than the average window company in central Ohio. We didn’t want to focus on getting the sale and moving on to a newer (and hopefully bigger) sale. We wanted to put our focus squarely on customer service from start to finish, and that is where our focus remains to this day. We felt it was incredibly important to have employee installation teams so that we would control a job through the entire process and be able to offer a superior level of service and craftsmanship from beginning to end. We don’t do standardized, pushy sales presentations, and we don’t view ourselves as a marketing organization that happens to provide windows. When we walk into your home, our goal is to design a solution based on your needs, style, and budget. We always look at your project as if we lived in your home and knowing everything we know about the window and door industry what would we do and why.

Everyone in our company approaches our business with the needs of the customer top of mind, and we work very hard to make the replacement process as easy as possible. As we approach the holiday season, we want to express how grateful we are for each and every one of our customers. It is always a risk to try to do something different than the norm, but our customers have accepted us wholeheartedly and have made us who we are today. We want to finish this year and start the next doing what we have always done: focusing on the customer and offering the best window replacement experience that we possibly can. From the entire team here at HEGG Windows & Doors, thank you to our customers, and have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Dave and Justin