What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

Sep 08, 2021

An attractive suburban home.One of the benefits of replacement windows that is most often touted is their energy efficiency. And, considering how many homeowners wish to improve their homes thermal performance with new windows, it makes sense that it’s a topic on everyone’s mind. But if you’re not exactly a window expert, you might be confused as to what actually makes a window energy efficient. The good news is that the answer is likely less complicated than you imagined.

Insulation Is Important

When it comes to determining your window’s energy efficiency, insulation in one form or another is the most important aspect. The two areas of a replacement window that benefit the most from insulation are:

The Frame

Modern, energy-efficient window frames have gaps and pockets that are a great place for insulation. Some frames have optional hard insulation and others will simply have air pockets, but the end result is frames that slow temperature exchange.

The Panes

Modern multipaned glass windows have gaps between each pane of glass that improve insulation naturally, which is part of the reason that double-paned windows are so much more energy efficient than their single-paned brethren. Premium windows will include inert gasses in between frames to provide additional insulation.

Glass Treatments Are Crucial

The last piece of the puzzle when it comes to window’s energy efficiency is glass coatings. Popular options, like Low-E coatings, help reflect heat and light without disturbing visibility, and have a big impact on overall efficiency.

Learn More From the Experts

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